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American Blazer
Horse Association

16114 Idaho Center Blvd, Suite 3
Nampa, ID 83687
(208) 461-1055

In 2006 the American Blazer Horse Association was formed and incorporated. This new, member owned non-profit organization has been created to encourage, support and celebrate the endeavors of our members as they exhibit, compete and promote the American Blazer Horse in all facets of the equine industry. Additionally the association is charged with maintaining records for both the current registry and stud book as well as the historical records of the original privately owned corporation.

The American Blazer Horse Association is guided by a nine member board of directors and input of the membership. Projects planned for 2007 include rules and regulations for registration, an awards program to recognize the efforts and achievements of the American Blazer Horse in open competitions, and a adding additional information about the organization and the Blazer Horse as well as a directory of Blazer Horse breeders, horses for sale and stallions standing to the public to this website.

We hope you will join us on this journey as we come together to create a new organization that celebrates the Blazer Horse, while preserving the charm and characteristics that make them unique.


The American Blazer Horse is bred to be a willing and versatile performer, able to compete on local, regional and national levels. The breed standard calls for a horse that is balanced, with a sloping hip and long shoulder, a clean neck and top line, strong hooves and plenty of bone for a lifetime of service and soundness. The Blazer Horse should move freely forward with easy, ground covering strides that are pleasant and smooth for the rider.


Because the Blazer Horse is bred to be a sound, balanced individual and a willing partner, Blazer Horses are competitive in several areas of equine competition, as well as being reliable trail and family horses. On the trail or on the rail, cutting cows or dancing through a dressage test, the American Blazer Horse is ready, willing and able to follow the equine endeavor of their rider’s choice.


The trait most prized by Blazer Horse owners is their honesty. They are kind and willing, and often are quickly accepted as a member of the family, rather than just another horse. When one Blazer owner was asked “How can your little horse carry 200 lbs. of rider and gear into National Reined Cow Horse Competitions and score in the 70’s” her reply was simple, “He may only weigh 762 pounds, but 761 of it is heart”.

The Blazer adapts easily to new situations and is accepting of their surroundings, giving them the unflappable nature required for family life or as first horses for riders just learning their skills. Many Blazer Horses prove to be excellent family horses that perk up when they hear little voices, and come quickly for the caress of little hands. They often adopt “their kids” and take excellent care of their charges.


Quick Facts about registered Blazer Horses :

  • Blazer Horses must be between 13 hands and 15 hands at full maturity to be registered.

  • Blazer Horses must have a solid coat color with dark under-laying skin. These colors include brown, black, bay and sorrel, as well as buckskin, palomino and many shades of dun.

  • White markings are limited to the face and below the knee or hock. Spotted coat patterns (appaloosa, pinto, paints) are not accepted into the registry.

  • To be considered a Blazer Horse, the horse must have at least one registered parent with a documented line to the foundation stallion, “Little Blaze”.

  • To be advanced into the Stud Book, both mares and stallions must be inspected by a veterinarian or certified inspector.

16114 Idaho Center Blvd, Suite 3
Nampa, ID 83687
(208) 461-1055

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